Tampala Trading is a global fund-raising platform for early-stage investment sourcing and management. Tampala Trading allows skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with Smart investments and angel investor networks by effectively supporting all aspects of investment relationships from the first pitch to successful exits. Tampala Trading is an online dedicated investment platform for India. Built on a robust technology, Tampala trading provides users access to mutual funds from India major fund houses, shares from BSE, fixed deposits of companies, and other assorted investment products, All in one convenient online place. Investors join our site by paying 499 Indian Rupees. After which they will invest with us with the aim of having a business and give them profits. For every 100,000 Indian Rupee, there will be a payment of 1250 Indian Rupees as Commission which has to deposit in bank account. In short, Tampala Trading is your one-stop shop to build wealth.

As an entrepreneur of the previous avatar, we believe that the connected ecosystem of investors, business professionals, mentors & Fellow founders can create significant business leverage for startups. We heard similar sentiments as we explored the idea and met with several interested parties in the start-up community. That’s when we were deciding what specific India needed for a startup ecosystem.

Why us?

Founded and working for some entrepreneurial business, we understand how difficult it can be to start and finance small business growth. The task of ensuring investment is notoriously disconcerting and sometimes the best struggle can be a sluggish process. In today’s economic climate, this has become even more difficult.

We want to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to take control of their friends, family, customers and strangers funding from their network. We also want to give people the opportunity to become armchair dragon and build their own investment portfolio to support exciting new India business.